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Engage and understand your audience like never before.


 The statistics are overwhelming.

9 out of 10 millennials would switch brands to one that aligns itself with positive community impact. Transparency is key, and communicating your corporate social responsibility to your customers is critically important. In short, doing good is good for business.

 How do you recognize what is important to your audience?


Align your positive impact strategies to elevate your brand in a transparent way that builds loyalty.

At xocial (pronounced social) we believe the best way to connect with people is to understand their values.  We see the evolution of digital marketing as building authentic, personal connections with your audience.

xocial combines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and cause-marketing with themed user-participation campaigns to gather psychographic data that can be translated into actionable results.

Psychographics is a qualitative methodology that can be applied to the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.

 Our engagement tools are as unique as the learning it provides.


The xocial process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Learning Engagement Insights
Are you looking to connect with customers, unite offices, or align your CSR with one or both? We’ll design an engagement strategy that gets you the results you need.

Deploy a xocial campaign that leverages gaming science and over 70 engagement and gaming features to activate your audience.

Congratulations, you’ve engaged your audience in an authentic conversation that can elevate your brand and build loyalty.

Meet Kai, our machine learning AI who shares all of our xocial insights! Kai delivers broad analysis, partition analysis, and audience archetype.

What value does this bring to your company?

  • actionable and transparent learning
  • refine your target market
  • fine tune marketing
  • identify new target markets
  • identify new marketing opportunities and strategies

What solutions work best for you?

Basic Campaign
  • One (1) xocial campaign
  • Strategic consultation
  • Campaign and challenge development
  • Gamification and Competitive Kindness components
  • Up to 5000 users
Insights Campaign
  • One (1) basic campaign
  • Custom attributes added to challenges to segment psychographic data
  • One (1) Insights report
  • Api/widget access to integrate xocial components with third party websites/intranets
Insights Project Pack
  • Three (3) Insights Campaigns completed within a 12 month period.
  • Each campaign delivers continuous, progressive learning and actionable insights to inform the next initiative.
  • 4 insight reports, providing a thorough snapshot and understanding of your audience.

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