ways to use xocial

Put the power of competitive kindness behind your next mission.


Culture Building

xocial inspires employee engagement by creating culture defining campaigns that issue challenges in the spirit of Competitive Kindness®.


Cause Marketing

Align company goals with a cause, condition impactful behaviour and reward your customers for taking action.


Groups and Education

A unique way for you to condition and measure acts of positive impact with groups of all sizes and ages while letting you showcase the results.


Corp. Social Responsibility

xocial takes the principles of a successful corporate social responsibility strategy—transparency, authenticity and concrete measurement—and turns them into a customer engagement tool. 


Partnerships and Licensing

Think of xocial as a new tool in your belt! Expand your offerings when working with your clients, customers, employees or volunteers. As a xocial licensee or product partner you’ll get access to special resources.