Porter Novelli Stands for Love

In the fall of 2018 Porter Novelli (PN) launched a campaign on xocial to engage their offices across North America in a conversation of understanding. What followed became part of an award-winning movement that showcased to Porter Novelli employees and clients what their DNA is made of.



400 + challenges across 10 offices

“This was transformational.”

- Los Angeles PN office member

“The team building was awesome.”

- San Francisco PN office member

“As a leader board change notification came in, the New York office would meet to discuss how to best mobilize to respond. One event was a group trip to a local museum.”

- Soon Mee Kim, EVP Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader


An award-winning culture program

Porter Novelli earned top honors for Best PR Firm Diversity Initiative, while Soon Mee Kim, VP, Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader, was named Diversity Champion - PR Agency. The Public Relations Society of America interviewed Soon Mee Kim and here is a highlight from that discussion.

What is a recent communications /media campaign you enjoyed?

My favorite campaign is actually taking place now within Porter Novelli. “PN Perspectives: We Stand For Love” was developed as an internal communications campaign to overcome the hateful content we anticipated seeing with the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville white-supremacist march. Our aim was to create a wave of positive stories of overcoming hate with love. During August and September, our colleagues shared deeply personal and meaningful stories of overcoming hate with love. Our staff tackled racism, police brutality, sexism, implicit bias, Asian invisibility and much more. We conducted other field trips, staff conversations and implicit bias training to supplement the program. To combine word and deed, we also challenged our colleagues to commit acts of kindness on the xocial.com competitive kindness platform. The campaign has been transformative for our culture and has instilled immense pride amongst our staff. I encourage you to check out some of our stories posted on our Porter Novelli blog.

The Details


People of every race, color, faith, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, cognitive style, physical ability, and military or veteran status are welcome at Porter Novelli. We believe diversity and inclusion are moral and business imperatives. Regardless of our differences, what unites us is that we believe every person has value and deserves our respect. Our values compel us to stand up against hate and live our purpose to make a positive impact. We stand for love.

Team Participation

Historically most challenges can be submitted from just a few of the top teams, but PN teams had more even levels of participation across all their teams.

Teams contributed a median number of 24 challenges/team. Median means half of all teams submitted more than this number of Challenges, and half of all teams submitted less than this number of Challenges.

Teams contributed an average of 9.1% of the challenges/team. Historically, on xocial, teams contributed an average of 7.1% of all the Campaign Challenges.

The top 2 teams contributed 54.5% of the challenges. This demonstrates a more even distribution of engagement as typically the top 4 teams average a total challenge submission contribution between 98 and 72%.

PN had the highest average XP/challenge of recent campaigns. The average XP/challenge of PN participants was 21.9 XP/challenge, which shows that Porter Novelli doesn’t shy away from doing harder challenges.