Promote, improve and measure the positive impact of your group, club, or classroom.


Join the Kindness Revolution

Everyone agrees: kindness IS cool! Whether you are a club, association, league or classroom, kindness campaigns are a great start because they place attention on positive deeds and values. They emphasize the importance of thoughtful, caring acts. They create a call to action, and often involve entire communities around a common cause.

We’ll work with you to create fun, impactful challenges in the spirit of Competitive Kindness®.


The important values of respect, personal responsibility, and gratitude are reinforced with challenges that extend the values of kindness into the community.


The xocial platform provides a unique way for you to generate conversation and inspiration. We work with you to create fun, impactful challenges that have points representing impact, effort, and time. The result? Measured impact, social media rich content, and elusive social return on investment that let’s you showcase the impact you are having.




9 mins

Do-Gooders average 9 minutes per session


And, more than 7 challenges per campaign



  • Set the privacy level of your program

  • Set challenge submission limits

  • Require stories, picture or video for challenges

  • Referral challenges allow your audience to spread the word

  • Leaderboards track the action by individual, team, or challenge

  • Notifications keep you up to date on all the action

  • Supports sub-teams (division/team, school/class, city/club)

  • Integrated donations

  • Badges

  • Achievements

  • Social impact resumes for players and organizations

  • Sponsor logo integration

  • Volunteering challenges (can be configured to require verification from the charity)

  • Set challenges to require verification from an administrator

  • Donation challenge processing with points awarded

  • Prizing store

  • Detailed reporting

Limitless opportunities to:

  • Engage your sponsors in a way that provides them proof that they are making a difference

  • Support curriculum objectives

  • Track, share, and inspire community service

  • Help teach and form the values of social responsibility, empathy, and philanthropy

  • Provide rich content for community involvement and leadership development that can be shared with families and stakeholders

  • Create valuable social impact resumes

  • Generate rich stories showcasing how your institution creates well rounded individuals including short stories, photo and video submissions


The results speak for themselves.


Kindness in the Classroom

Grade 2 teacher Meagan Duetta hoped to focus her energetic class of seven- and eight-year-olds with her first xocial campaign… Kindness in the Classroom.


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