Who is xocial?

xocial is a team of do-gooders (okay, okay, developers, strategists and investors) who want to use technology to make us better parents, friends, coworkers, bosses, businesses and citizens. Instead of measuring our popularity, xocial measures our positive social impact. The fact that we’re measuring it means we can compete with each other to see who can do the most good—which is where our idea for competitive kindness came from.


Can anyone organize a campaign?

Yes! Moms, dads, kids, companies, charities, schools, hospitals, offices, hockey teams, neighbourhood groups—anyone can organize a xocial campaign. Simple campaigns can be built online for free. More complex custom campaigns will need our involvement to be really successful


Is there a winner?

Campaign organizers may have prizes or special recognition for top scoring participants. But when the competition is about kindness, everyone who participates is a winner, right?


What do I get for joining a campaign?

You don’t get anything for joining—you gotta do something first! When you complete challenges you earn points, and these points are used to calculate your XO score. You also help bring attention to important causes. Some campaigns will have their own rewards built into them—but that’s up to the individual campaign organizer.


What can I do with my xocial points?

Right now, your xocial points are used to calculate your XO score. Just let ‘em grow!


Who can have an XO score?

A person can have an XO score. So can a charity, business, brand, institution and geographic region. Your city can have an XO score. Your cat can’t.


How do you calculate my XO score?

We’ve developed and patented an algorithm that mathematically calculates your XO score based on your activity within the xocial community. The challenges you complete, the thanks you receive through the app, the campaigns you organize and more influence your XO score. We put a lot of thought into our algorithm and have built it to be stable and fair.


Is xocial free?

Yes! (And no.) Anyone can set up a free xocial profile page and organize campaigns using our free campaign coach. If you want to organize a custom campaign or add more functionality to one of your pages, we’ve got packages to help you do that.


What do you do with my information?

When you create your account and participate in the xocial community you’re giving us information that we use for one purpose only—to improve your experience. Your public profile and any photos you upload as proof that you completed a challenge as part of a public campaign can be viewed by anyone, though. If we ever change our privacy policy, we promise we’ll let you know.


How do you protect children?

We encourage children under the age of 13 to participate in campaigns that have been organized for them specifically, but we require that they have permission of a parent or legal guardian. We get this permission by asking children under 13 to provide a parent or guardian’s email address—if we have reason to believe that permission hasn’t been given, we check with the parent or legal guardian or delete the account. We ask children under 13 to create a username, which is the only name that can be seen by the public. We give them a choice of fun images to use as their profile avatar instead of their own photo.


Have any other questions?

We’d be glad to help. Just drop us a line.