Keep current employees engaged and provide a clear reason for future employees to join your team.


Attract talent, drive retention, and boost performance.

Your culture is the personality of your company through the eyes of your employees. It attracts talent, drives retention & engagement, impacts happiness, and boosts performance. A culture of giving is especially appealing to millennials. According to a Cone study, 56% of millennials are likely to refuse to work for a company that is not socially or environmentally responsible.


We help you build engaging, team building, culture defining campaigns that issue challenges in the spirit of Competitive Kindness®.


How does it work?

Campaigns hold challenges that are scored by impact, effort, and time. We work with you to develop a theme based on target outcomes and culture development goals.

Leaderboards track the action.

Our gaming tech is proven to drive engagement and provides the basis for measuring your impact!


The results? A rich tapestry of social proof of how your organization comes together as a team! Use your campaign to engage your customers, vendors, clients, and prospective hires!


  • Track volunteer hours; capture authentic moments of impact

  • Raise funds for your favourite charities using our donation challenge

  • Drive conversations around diversity & inclusion in the workplace

  • Build office unity by competing as teams for the most community impact

  • Align HR goals with customized challenges, create impact and have fun

  • Run office campaigns for seasonal giving (food drives, gift donations)

culture building Use Case

An award winning culture program.


We stand for love

Porter Novelli teamed up with xocial to develop an award winning anti-hate campaign to engage their offices across North America in a conversation of understanding.


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