xocial 5x5

 The xocial 5x5 initiative is a unique way to bring charities, socially conscious companies, and the online community together to bring awareness and action to a worthy cause.

How it works

1)     Pick a theme.  It could be feeding the homeless, environment action, or a local initiative.

2)     Secure sponsorship from brands and corporations.

3)     Launch a campaign on xocial with 5 challenges.  4 challenges will be an action item specific to the theme developed in consultation with up to 4 amazing charities or foundations.  The 5th challenge is to refer 5 people to participate. 


Sponsors donate an amount that will be earned by the charities based on xocial’s ground breaking pay-per-action model.  As players complete 5x5 challenges, they earn XP (gaming points).  Those points will convert to a $ amount the sponsor will donate to the charity.  The sponsor pays as players make a difference!


We all work to build awareness!

  1. Charities will engage their networks to increase their donation amounts.

  2. Sponsors will engage their networks as they align their brand with social good in a new, engaging, and measurable way.

  3. Players, by way of the 5th referral challenge, will invite their networks to the game of Competitive Kindness.

  4. A portion of the sponsorship revenue will be used for awareness marketing.

Who wins? Everyone!

  • Causes build awareness and make a measurable impact by having the players complete their challenges.

  • Sponsors benefit by reaching an audience that will associate their brand with brand with positive impact in a new and inventive cause marketing approach that amplifies Corporate Social Responsibility program.

  • Players will compete to win prizes and build their xocial impact (XO) score.

Currently in development


5x5 for Manitou

In the winter of 2018 NHL legend Paul Coffey teamed up with xocial to challenge Canadian youth hockey teams to make a difference.  Teams completed a variety of challenges that encouraged good deeds, kindness, love of the sport, sportsmanship, diversity, inclusion, social impact, and community service.

During the campaign we received an email from Trish Reid, grandparent of a Manitou, Manitoba player and parent to one of the volunteer coaches.

The city of Manitou, Manitoba (population ~800) needs our help to update their arena (built on local AG society land). The AG society hosts their local summer fair on the same grounds, so geothermal pipes are buried deeper than they should be so the cattle don’t crush them. The system needs to be upgraded so it is larger and can freeze the ground faster in the fall.  Right now, the kids have to travel to other communities until December as they wait for the ground to freeze.

That’s why we’re launching our first 5x5 challenge in support of making the necessary improvements to their ice rink. 

Complete 4 impact challenges, then invite 5 friends to do the same. 

Check out the 5x5 for Manitou campaign

Join us as we continue to write this amazing story of community, caring, and impact.

email rewardpartner@xocial.com to find out how you can elevate your brand by becoming a player or pay-per-action donation sponsor.

Let’s do this!

5x5 for the environment

There’s no doubt we need to change our ways.  What better way to do that then challenge our networks to a game of Competitive Kindness® that brings awareness and action to our most pressing environmental issues.

We’re developing a 5x5 program that will engage a number of action-based charities in the environmental space.  From electronic waste, to climate change, to the endangered species list.  We’re partnering with 4 exceptional charities to activate the online community to take action.

email rewardpartner@xocial.com to find out how you can elevate your brand by becoming a player or pay-per-action donation sponsor.

Let’s do this!